Friday, February 26, 2010

FORE!!!! Golfing in Central Indiana

Do you like chasing a little white ball around beautifully landscaped surroundings???  Well, we have all kinds of options for you.

The most complete list of golf courses and pertinent information can be found at:

You can search by city or county.  This list includes both public and private courses.
Once you narrow down a city or county it will list all the courses in that location.
If you pick a particular location it will give you the following information:
  A short history of the course, it's location, tee information, fees, dress code, season and guest policy.

For example, in Marion County (Indianapolis) there is information on 35 different courses.  If you include all the suburbs - you should be able to check out a different course almost every day!!!!

Be the ball!!!!

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